Learn to create sushi like a professional

Are you looking for a unique gift, or want to create a unique twist to a party? Get in touch and we’ll guide you through the whole process – a step-by-step lesson in how to create delicious, great-tasting sushi like a pro!

The cooking class will start with an introductory talk where you’ll learn everything from the history of sushi making to the modern-day trends. Then, it’ll be time to get hands-on with your own creations. And the best bit? You get to eat what you create!

The lessons are designed to be fun and informative, regardless what your culinary skills already are.

Our unique lessons:


Perfect team building/bonding sessions.


Something different for a company party or just great fun.


Lesson last up to 2 hours at your office or a venue of your choice (extra charges may apply).


Learn to make sushi with sushi master Ed San with over 25 years experience.


No mess, no cooking skills required.


End the event with more sushi than you could eat – take it home and impress your friends and family.


Learn the skills to make perfect sushi with a fish cutting demonstration and a sashimi tasting.